Sunday, July 17, 2011

And Now For Something (Possibly) Completely Different

Hold the hell on everybody, because there's about to be some MAD READER INTERACTIVITY HERE!

Well, no, not really, I just wanted opinions from you fine folks that actually read my ramblings. I'm thinking of switching around a few things with my blog. It'd be selfish for me to change things to my own preference if you readers enjoy something else. Plus I have terrible ideas and need sane people to judge it.

So, here are the issues I'm thinking of changing:

  1. Instead of seeing the entire post up front, have the "Read More" link to take you to the full page
  2.  Somehow get a line break between posts. The best I could manage is the box around the "Posted by" and "# Comments" to separate, and I think changing it further would mean a new template
  3. Maybe make the blog wider. It's at 800px, but then I wonder how many people still use 800x600. I'm pretty sure it's auto-resized for mobile devices, so that's not an issue
That's about it. If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments section.

And I'm not doing lens flare dammit


  1. Yeah those are some great issues to work on! ( ^.^ )
    And you need to change your title description where it says "You're bored, I'm bored, let's go." because it's way too damn dark. I had to highlight the text to read it (unless that was your intention)!

  2. Yeah, the title description has to be the same color as the normal blog text, which is stupid

  3. I think the first idea, the one of the "Read more" link instead of seeing the whole post in the front page, is the best way for people to be more interested on your entries :)
    following =)

  4. Yeah, the "Read more..." link is probably a good idea.

  5. How do you make a "read more..." link? I hate having so much content on one page... I feel like my page might take too long to load because of all the photos I usually post.

    BTW I definitely like idea #3 Most people have or will soon have 1080p monitors. Wider is better.

  6. the only advice I can give you is to be original and never ask anyone else for thier opinion.
    you seem to do ok anyways so keep it up. I like your blog :)

  7. Read more links? Boom. Line between posts? Hell yes. Wider blog? WHAPOW!

    I literally went through every other template, and none worked for me as well as this. It has its flaws, but better flaws than the other ones.

  8. maybe not the read more, but yeah sounds good

  9. All good ideas, it's also nice just to have a change for once. Following :)

  10. The "Read More" is maybe the best idea, but I don't knowing putting it on my blog

  11. Yeah, it's be good to make the blog wider, it's be easier to read

  12. Sure. Experiment with the look and feel of your blog. It'll make it stand out from the rest.